Sunday, January 30, 2011

Self-Locking, Biometric Digital Wallet!

Picture from Dunhill.

Apparently this wallet will not unlock itself until it reads the owner's fingerprint. For more security, this wallet can link to your phone using Bluetooth, and will sound an alarm on your phone if you wallet drifts 5 or more meters away from the phone! Other features include a stainless steel money clip and a leather card holder. The exterior of the wallet is made of highly durable carbon fiber and resists cutting and other methods of opening it!

Great product to have it you have a load of cash on you or you keep getting your wallet stolen! The wallet is called the Dunhill Biometric Wallet and is sold by Dunhill at the price of $825! Click here for more info!

Too expensive for you? Check out this fingerprint security system for your computer! What easier password to remember than your fingerprint? Use your fingerprint to access private data on your computer!

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