Friday, February 4, 2011

Apple Patents the iStylus

Picture from Patently Apple.

The picture you see above is a drawing of the Apple iStylus. The new patent is a patent of a product that hasn't yet been released to the market for people to buy and use. The stylus will consist of a shaft, a replaceable tip, and disk pivot, and a conductive disk as seen in the image below. 

Picture from Patently Apple.

The stylus is said to have built in accelerometer sensors, angle sensors, and pressure sensors to insure more accuracy and allow to screen to acquire more data about its surroundings. The stylus is said to bring a better experience for artists who likes to draw on electronic devices and for users to have more human interaction with a game or application on the device. The iPad screen can not detect pressure. With the pressure sensor, when artists "paint" on their device, it may allow them to have darker and lighter strokes in their artwork instead of a "static" stroke. 

The device will communicate with the stylus via Bluetooth, Wifi, or a wired connection.  It is also theorized that Apple may also add buttons onto the pen to make it easier to switch between different options. Let's take the artists example again. The buttons may allow the artists to switch quickly between brushes and colors without the need to tap on the correct icon on the screen. Another theory is that there will be some other tips that you can switch on the pen for different needs. 

Now for my opinions... I think it is evil and ridiculous that they are patenting this without actually releasing the product. A lot of people (like me) want to have a stylus, but now there will be limited people making a cool looking stylus due to this patent. Apple is really evil... :\ Let's just hope Apple releases this product soon. :) LOL 

This article is written by Sunny (me). :)

Here are some styluses on Amazon. Guess they'll have to pay Apple pretty soon. XD If Apple tries to sue them... Which is really likely. HAHA Now, I'm not saying this for no reason either... Remember how they reacted to the lost iPhone 4 and the Steve Jobs bobble-heads? ROFL

Here is my Vlog on this topic:
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