Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amazon Launches Online Storage Service

Amazon recently released the Amazon Cloud Drive and the Amazon Cloud Player. It is an online service provided by Amazon that allows you to store your files online or "in the cloud". Here is a video of me talking about it. You can also read a text version of this under the video.

Amazon gives you 5GB for free. You can store anything you want in there. This includes your pictures, music, videos, etc. Anything you want. Also, if you purchase a music from Amazon MP3 and have it directly transferred to your Amazon Cloud Drive, it will not count toward your 5GB of free storage!

The music you store in the Amazon Cloud Drive can be viewed and listened to anywhere in the world as long as you have internet via the Amazon Cloud Player. It can also be accessed from your Android device via an app!

This is a great feature for people on the go. You can also back out some important files onto this if you want. :) I love this because I myself like never keep an extra copy of my music in my computer. If my MP3 player crashes, my music is gone. With the new cloud player, all the music I purchase via Amazon MP3 is automatically backed up into Amazon Cloud Drive! I've wanted to do this for years! What a wonderful feature. I'm pretty sure you will find it useful too.

If you don't know where the Amazon Cloud Drive and the Amazon Cloud Player are. Just click on the name and it will take you there.

Also for a limited time, when you purchase any album from Amazon MP3Amazon will upgrade your storage to 20GB FREE! You can also buy more space if you need it.
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