Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Google Launches Google Person Finder to Help Japan

As a lot of you guys know on March 11, an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, triggering tsunami waves that affected several countries, including the United States. Hundreds of people have died, not know where their loved ones are, or are homeless and is in desperate need of money, shelter, and clothing. Google as launched the Google Person Finder to help loved ones get info about the others and to find where the others are. Here is the tool embedded to my blog:

If you need to find info on a loved one in Japan, please use the tool. Even though we have wars and unrest in this world, it really touches me to see that when some people are in need, others is willing to pitch in, even if it means they have to eat one less meal. :_) I don't have much money myself, but I'm willing to do all I can to help Japan. That is why I'm posting this.

Guys, Amazon is offering a donation program. Please pitch in by donating. God bless! Please help Japan!

If you are kid 13 years and older, you can pitch in too. I know you guy's probably don't have money, but you don't have to in order to donate! Swagbucks is offering a donation program right now. They will convert all donated points  (or Swagbucks) into cash that is donated to Japan. Sign up now.

For all of you who don't know what Swagbucks is, it is this website where you get awarded points (or Swagbucks) for searching the web (with their search engine), playing games, watching videos, filling out surveys, and lot's more. You can spend your points on prizes like Amazon Gift Cards, Wii Points cards, video games, and a lot of other great things!
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