Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nuclear Reactor Issue in Japan Sparks Debates on the Use of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear reactions is a really efficient way of generating great amounts of electricity, but has also been very very dangerous. One little thing that goes wrong in a reactor can lead to explosions and meltdowns spreading radioactive material for hundreds of miles. Radioactive material may kill or cause serious health risks for any living thing that comes in contact with it. Although, there has been debates about the uses of nuclear energy, it hasn't been a hot topic until recently.

As a lot of you know, there has been a terrible earthquake in Japan recently. This knocked out the power to the cooling systems for several nuclear reactors in Japan almost causing a meltdown. Right now, they are trying to cool off the reactors with ocean water. This pretty much renders the reactors useless, and isn't enough for keeping the radioactive material inside. The radioactive material has leaked out, and Japan cleared all residents with in 30 miles of the reactors.

This sparked debates in countries around the world. People are saying we either should give up on nuclear energy, or we need new safety standards before we build any more reactors.

Switzerland has suspended the approval process for three nuclear power plants, so safety standards can be reconsidered. India has ordered safety inspections for all of its nuclear plants. China says they want to learn what really went down in Japan, but does not plan on delaying the country's plans on building more reactors. China is aggressively expanding its nuclear power industry. The United States have not brought any new reactors online since the last accident which occured at Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island facility in 1979.

Although I don't think we should give up on nuclear power, we definitely need new safety standards for the nuclear reactors. I mean, what is electricity going to do if everyone is dead?

Anyways guys, if you have not yet donated please help contribute to this natural disaster by donating to the American Red Cross through Amazon. It is what God want's you to do! :) The Japanese people is in serious need of food, shelter, and potassium iodide (to help lower the intake of radioactive iodine).
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