Thursday, March 24, 2011

PlayStation Phone becomes the real deal!

I don't  if you guys remember, but last year, I did do a post on the rumors about a PlayStation phone. Back then, it was just a rumor, but right now, it is the real deal! The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is the first ever PlayStation certified phone running the Gingerbread (Android OS).

The smartphone will feature a touchscreen like most smartphones and with a control pad similar to a PSP. The new device can be used as a smartphone, but it can also play modified Android games with it's new controller. The game modified for the phone is only exclusively on this device.

Photo from Engadget.

The device also has a built in camera with an LED flash like most smartphones now. The LCD screen is a bit bigger than the iPhone 4's screen.

I guess there is always room for improvement on new devices like this. The shiny battery cover can be easily scratched up... I'm guessing they could have worked in a glasses-free 3D display on the device because a lot of people is looking forward to it and the technology for is available now.

Although the phone is not available for sale right now, you might be interested in the following products. Please check them out.

Here is a video me talking about the phone.

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