Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pokemon Black and White

Warning: This promotion may have ended!
Pokemon Black and White is in stores now! In fact, get it from Amazon (click either one above)! They have a limited time deal! You will get $10 toward your next purchase* on Amazon if you order during this promotion! If you purchase both, you get double the credit ($20)! Considering how Game Boy games used to be $50-$60 each, this is ONE GREAT DEAL! :) Get it now (or add it to your Amazon Wishlist)!

Picture from Amazon. Victini™ is a Trademark of Nintendo Inc and other owners.

Make sure you purchase and get the game before April 10th, 2011 because that is the only time you can catch the MYTHICAL POKEMON VICTINI™! You will need to connect onto Nintendo Wi-Fi to obtain a Liberty Pass (used to meet Victini™). Victini™ (Unova PokeDex No. 000) is the first ever Psychic/Fire Pokemon. Get it now before it's too late.

The new game features Triple Battles (3vs3), Infrared Connection battles, Black City (in Pokemon Black Version), and White Forest (in Pokemon White Version). The new games also contains brand new Pokemon from the Unova Region! 

So what are you waiting for? Considering Amazon is giving you $10 back* for every purchase, your total is just around $24.99**! What a wonderful deal!

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*Certain restrictions apply.
** Prices may change without notice. Price for one game.
You are limited to 1 copy of each game per household. 
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