Saturday, April 9, 2011

Android VS iOS

Android VS iOS

Hey guys! Just for fun, today, I'm going to be doing an article between the differences between the Android OS and the iOS (on iPhones, iPads and other Apple products).

I will start off with the Android OS. The Android OS is probably a bit harder to use than iOS, but has a lot more features including Wifi tethering, Flash support and other things. Multi-tasking was always available on the Android OS. The Android OS is probably for people that are more knowledgeable in computers and technology because the OS itself uses a lot of terminology others might not understand. :) Flash support is great for people that likes Flash and also great for web browsing. A lot of websites use Flash now in their ads, in their videos, all sorts of things.

Now let's discuss some things about the iOS. The iOS is easy to use, I do prefer the iOS user interface over the Android user interface. Apple did a good job making the iOS user interface. Unlike the Android OS, iOS didn't have multi-tasking until recently. Although you could have gotten the feature after you jailbreak your device, it wasn't that convenient. Another flaw of iOS is that it doesn't support Flash. The only way to get is by installing some 3rd party browser and have your device connect through a VPN server. It because a problem when you need to view something that is Flash.

I guess the biggest difference everyone should know is that the Android OS is open source and iOS isn't. Application developers love open source systems because they can have a lot more to work with than a closed source system. Another big difference is probably Apple has more apps in their AppStore than Android does. This is better for the users because there are more things to choose from!

There you have it! A quick comparison between the Android OS and the iOS! So which OS do you like? Tell me in the comments below!
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