Friday, April 1, 2011

Steve Jobs confirmed dead

Steve Jobs has been confirmed dead at the Stanford Hospital this afternoon at three after his pancreas stopped working. Thirty minutes before he died, Jobs had told a 911 operator that he is feeling extreme pain in his pancreas and is most likely caused the the pancreatic cancer he has been diagnosed with a while back.

Pancreatic cancer is a disease where the cells in the pancreas starts to divide faster than normal and the cells die out at a much slower rate than normal. Pancreatic cancer can lead to extreme pain in the pancreas area, pancreas failures, and can also lead to death.

EMT arrived on the scene and brought Steve Jobs to Standford Hospital in Palo Alto, California. A specialized doctor from the Sanford Cancer Center was called to the scene but was too late as Jobs's heart has already stopped 2 minutes before. An autopsy later showed that the pancreatic cells in the pancreas divided at an extremely insane speed which caused most of the pain and the pancreas failure right before Jobs died.

"Steve Jobs has been a wonderful man. With out him, Apple would have failed. He has been a great man and will be remembered as such." has been quoted from, Daniel Cooperman, an Apple senior vice president.

Right before Jobs died, it was quoted that he said, "Please donate half of what I owe to Bill Gates. He has been a very good friend of mine all my life." Later, psychologists said a person facing death will say anything as the brain obviously will not be functioning correctly at that moment, but was denied after Steve Jobs's personal attorney showed up and said what Jobs said has to count, and after knowing him for all those years, there is nothing wrong with the man's brain as everything he said and done was very logical. "If I had that much wealth and I was him, I would also give Bill Gates half of what I owe at my time of death." said Steve Job's attorney.

Steve Jobs will be missed. RIP Steve Jobs. :( Also, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE! XD If you got this far. I'm surprised. Steve Jobs is not dead. He is fine. :) His cancer is controlled. Yes, this has been a fake. Hope you have enjoyed it. I know I didn't do that good of a job writing it. If you liked this post or want to prank your friends, make sure you share it with your friends by using the sharing buttons below this post.
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