Friday, April 1, 2011

Youtube 1911

HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! As an April fools prank, YouTube launches YouTube 1911 saying this was what YouTube was like when it was released 100 years ago. Pretty awesome I guess.

When you go upload your video today, you will see an option saying "Send horse-drawn carriage to me to pick it up" (screenshot above). Obviously they won't be doing that. It was all part of the April fools prank. When you click the link, a  box appears saying "Howdy, moving-picture maker! This is how videos got uploaded to YouTube when we launched 100 years ago. Watch this video to see what life was like here back then. Happy April Fool's Day!".

When you go watch videos, you'll see a 1911 button on the video which, when clicked, will make the video look like it was made back then with the sound muted, noise on the screen, and in sepia. Go check it out yourself. Also the video you see above can be viewed below.

So guys, tell me in the comments below. What April Fools prank are you planning on pulling on your friends and coworkers? :P
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