Sunday, May 8, 2011

$25 Computer and the Paper Thin Cellphone!

Hey guys, as a special treat, I will be combining two articles today. I will be combining both because they probably won't be that long, but please enjoy.

$25 Computer Prototype

Photo Credit: Raspberry Pi Foundation
The picture you see above is a prototype of a $25 computer. It was created by David Braben as a project to help not-so-wealthy students to get computer to use for school and learning. The laptop runs on a Linux-based OS. The computer looks a lot more different than what you'd expect a computer to be. The computer is approximately the size of an USB flash-drive. The computer it self has an HDMI port for a TV (monitor) connection, and several USB ports for a mouse and a keyboard. Since the price of the computer is so little (about $25), David Braben is hoping schools can afford some of these to help students who are part of poor families to have computers for school and learning. The computer has a 700-MHz ARM11 processor (faster than the iPhone 3G) and 128MB of SDRAM. Extra storage can be added by connecting a SD card in the built-in SD slot.

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Paper Thin Cellphone

Photo Credit: ABC News
Although  this phone will not be in stores for a while, the prototype of a paper thin cellphone is already invented. It is really paper thin, can be bent, and is roughly the size of a credit card. The phone is call the PaperPhone. Instead of using glass like old phones, this new phone uses this ultra flexible film which is more flexible than credit cards. The display is made from e-ink. Although touch screen will probably still be the main way of interacting with the device, there maybe other ways of interacting with the device like bending the device.

Now for my opinions on this device... I don't think videos will really work on a phone like this because of the e-ink display. Other than that, I think it would be a great idea! You can probably fit a phone like this right in your wallet. How would ringtones and vibrations work with this? :/ Can they fit a good speaker on this?
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