Friday, May 6, 2011

Key to the Osama Bin Laden Raid

Photo Credit: Associated Press

The picture you see above is a photo taken by a local resident near Bin Laden's hide-out. It is the left overs of a helicopter used in the Osama Bin Laden raid. One of the helicopters used in the raid had to make an emergency landing which didn't go so well. The reason for that is not released yet. The Navy SEALS did try to blow up the helicopter before they left with Bin Laden's body, but the tail piece from the helicopter remained intact. The reason for why they tried to blow it up is very clear, the helicopter contained a lot of our nation's secrets. There were a lot of stealth components in the helicopter that helped the Navy SEALS sneak past the Pakistan Air Defenses.

After examination of the tail piece, it looks like a modified version of the Black Hawk. The helicopter had components that helped with evading radar detection and noise suppression. These components are key to a successful raid. Bin Laden's guards were obviously expecting a raid from the US, but they were also expecting to hear helicopters for a few minutes.

The helicopters wasn't completely silent though. One of the nearby residents claimed that he heard helicopters while he was on Twitter a few minutes before the raid. Luckly, Bin Laden himself and his guards did not notice the presence of the Navy SEALS until it was too late. In fact, the Navy SEALS-men (That's what you call them right? LOL) only encountered one person with a hand gun. That person tried to take a shot but was quickly killed by the Navy SEALS. After proceeding, the rest of the people in hide-out were unarmed and the mission was completed very efficiently with little resistance at all.

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