Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recent losses. :( A personal message...

If you guys take a closer look at my blog now, you'll see that I no longer have Google Adsense ads. This is because someone has click bombed me and Google already replied me saying that they can not reinstate my Adsense account. I'm not here to point fingers or anything, but here to tell you that I will most likely be replacing my old Adsense ads with Amazon Associate ads. I may find another PTC advertising company later. As of right now, the only program I am participating in is the Amazon Associates program.

I will do my best to still come and bring you great content on all my blogs and websites. :) But yeah, not saying you have to or anything. If you buy something from Amazon and you do it through my referral links, I do make some referral money.

Anyways guys, please don't forget to share my blog/website with your friends, family members, co-workers, and everyone else in this world! Thank you!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nintendo Announces The Wii U

The Wii U was recently announced by Nintendo. This new game console combines the best of handheld gaming and the TV. It is said to support all Wii accessories. The Wii U will connect to the TV and output HD video and the handheld controller will have a single-touch touchscreen. The controller itself is really not a tablet, although it looks like one. The video is streamed from the Wii U itself.

Currently, Nintendo has not given any clues on how much this console is going to cost and the release date is also unknown.

Apple gets sued over the use of the name iCloud

Apple got sued over the use of the name iCloud by an Arizona company called iCloud. The Phoenix-based Voice over IP provider, alleges the name of Apple's recently announced online storage service copies its name and causes confusion over competing products. The lawsuit, which was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court of Arizona, seeks an injunction against Apple's use of the iCloud name, as well as unspecified monetary compensation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

IPv6 Day Coming! Are you prepared for the future?

As lot of you guys know, a few month ago the world ran out of IPv4 addresses. In order to solve this problem, new users that want an IP has to start using IPv6 addresses and configuring their networking equipment to support it. Some ISPs may not to compatible. As a testing day, it is World IPv6 Day on June 8th.

So what will happen on June 8th? Some website owners will be switching their systems over to IPv6 to see if their equipment will run correctly and will work in the future! It is pretty much a trial run day. If you are not a website owner, it is good to check if your computer and ISP is currently supporting the new IPv6 system. Here are a few websites you can use to test your connection.

Recommended site:
Click here

Other 2 testing sites:
Click here
Click here

You can read more about IPv6 Day here.
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