Friday, November 11, 2011

Apple Recalling 1st Generation iPod Nanos

Today, if you are subscribed to newsletters from Apple, you probably received an email saying Apple is recalling 1st generation iPod Nanos.


Apparently Apple has found a battery problem with the 1st generation devices. In rare cases the iPod Nano may over-heat and pose a safety risk. The battery may explode or leak. This is not the first recall Apple did on this device, there has already been a recall in Korea, Japan, and some other countries, but it is the first recall in the US. The 1st generation devices have a silver back and a white or black front. To check if you iPod Nano qualifies for the replacement program and to initiate the replace process if you are qualified please visit Apple's website here. The replacement is free.

If you have a personalized iPod, you will get a non-personalized replacement. It is recommended you back out your data before sending it in for replacement.

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As of right now, Apple didn't release much details on what the replacement is going to be. All they said was it will take 6 weeks after they receive your original device, and if you have a personalized device, you will receive a non-personalized replacement.

For me, I am the few with one of these iPod Nanos and have already initiated the replacement request. Apple says they will be shipping me a box with replacement instructions. I am hoping the replacement will be the newest model iPod nano. LOL There are more updates under the ads.

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Update (11-12-2011): So I went to a local Apple store to ask some questions about the recall... Well here is what went down...
Me: Excuse me.
Sales Associate: Yes
Me: I got some questions about the iPod nano recall.
Sales Associate: There is a recall on the iPod nano? I don't know anything about a recall. Let me go get another sales associate.
New Sales Associate: What can I help you with?
Me: I got questions about the iPod nano recall.
New Sales Associate: I don't know about any recall. What model is it on?
Me: The 1st generation. (Shows her my iPod nano)
New Sales Associate: That isn't a 1st generation.
Me: Um. I got my serial confirmed on Apple's website and they said they will ship me a box with return instructions.
New Sales Associate: Well, if that is what they told you, you should probably follow the instructions they gave you.
Me: You guys seriously don't know anything about this recall?
New Sales Associate: No, sorry, we don't know anything.
Me: Thank you.

I am not lying. That is pretty much how it went down... XD Apple failed... You are probably better off following the instructions they give you online and in the box they send you instead of going to the Apple Store. I've seen a comment on another website saying, the store employee (from another Apple Store) told him they don't have a replacement stock on hand so he is better off ordering the replacement online. No word on what the replacement is going to be, but once I get mine, I will be doing a new blog post on this blog. So stay tuned! Anyways, I also called Apple Care to see if they knew anything... See the update after the ads.

Update (11-13-2011): Okay, so today I called Apple Care. It didn't sound like the guy had too much knowledge about this though... Well here is pretty much what happened:
Me: Hello, I have a few questions about the 1st generation iPod nano recall.
Customer Support: There should be a website with recall information. Did you see that?
Me: Yes I did, and I already requested for a replacement. I want to confirm that this process is free.
Customer Support: Did the website say it's free?
Me: Yes it did.
Customer Support: Then it should be free, let me check, what's your serial.
Me: My serial number is...
Customer Support: Yes, I see you have requested it and it is free.
Me: Do you know what kind of replacement I will be getting?
Customer Support: The equivalent of a 1st generation iPod nano.
Me: Thank you that is all the questions I have.

He did give me the answers I was looking for but as you can tell he didn't sound sure at all. :/ Just like the Apple Store employees... So yeah, pretty much better off ordering online... Not much else you can do at this point.

Update (11-13-2011): According to Mashable, Apple will be replacing your original 1st generation iPod nano unit with a refurbished 1st generation iPod nano with a new battery. Read more about it here.

Update (11-14-2011): I just got my box from Apple. It will help answer some of your questions about the whole process. You can read about that here.

Update (12-19-2011): My replacement iPod nano has been shipped. See more info here.

Update (12-28-2011): I received my replacement. See it here.
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