Thursday, November 17, 2011

Internet Censorship in the US!

On November 16th, congress holds first hearings on the American Internet Censorship system. If this bill passes, internet and free speech will never be the same again. Please sign the petition here and help protect your right of free speech!

You know, as an immigrant I moved here from China because of freedom, the land of opportunity, the land of free speech, the land with NO INTERNET CENSORSHIP! Now congress want's to censor our internet! Is this America we are living in or is this China? Think about it. I thought Americans hated Communists? So why are you doing the same thing the Communists are doing? SAY NO TO INTERNET CENSORSHIP! Make it clear to congress! WE DO NOT WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO HAVE THE POWER TO CENSOR OUR INTERNET!

If you would like to know how this works you can get more details here. It is called DNS blocking and is the same system used in China, Iran, and Syria. Our founding fathers gave us the right of free speech. Free speech is our right and is #1 on the Bill of Rights. The same Bill America was founded on! Does congress have the right to take away the right? No of course not! This is the reason why a lot of people want to immigrant to the US. They want the right of free speech, the right to choose their religion, the land of opportunities! How is the US any different from these 3rd word countries if laws like this are passed? Tell congress NO IS NO! A law like this will further corrupt our economy. I think we have enough people jobless and homeless here. So please sign the petition here and help protect your right of free speech!
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