Monday, November 14, 2011

Update on the iPod Nano Recall

So today I have received my return box from Apple and will be answering some of your questions. So here is a picture of the box.

Today, I was originally gonna do a rant about how Apple sucks, but I might put that off later. To my surprise the box actually came with everything, and I literally mean everything you need to ship it back to Apple and it was shipped with overnight shipping. There were instructions, tape, a plastic bag, and packing foam. I was expecting foam, but tape? Yeah, I bet you didn't expect it either.

Well the packing instructions are fairly simple. There are three pieces of foam inside. The bottom there is a piece of thick foam, in the middle there is a foam punch out model of the iPod nano, and the thick foam top piece. So your device is pretty much very very protected inside the box. LOL Here is a picture of my iPod Nano in the box. I didn't put in the top piece in.

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Well that's pretty much it. I know a lot of you probably still have questions about the wording from the emails you got from Apple. Here is the image to confirm this will be 100% free. The tag they gave me was a long piece of paper, so I edited it a little bit to save space on the blog post. It's still the original.

And here are pictures of the instructions that was packed inside the box. You can click on it to see the full sized images.

So I hope this clears up any questions you have. If you are wondering what the replacement is going to be, according to Mashable it will be a refurbished iPod Nano 1st gen with a replaced battery. You can read about that here. And if you guessed right, I was going to do a rant on how Apple is only replacing the battery, but maybe tomorrow because they kind of surprised me with what they put in the box. HAHA Who ever puts tape inside the return box?!
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