Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Got My Replacement Nano! Update on iPod Nano Recall.

The phone in the background is a GSM Galaxy Nexus. :)

The blog post everyone has been waiting for. I'm sorry for the delay, I actually missed the Fedex man on the first delivery attempt because I was out at Lake Tahoe. Well anyways, I did get my replacement nano and this is why I'm doing a blog post. As you know on my last blog post, after checking my new serial number with Apple's data base, it says it's a 6th generation iPod nano. Well not technically true... See the following 2 photos. (Click on them for full resolution.)

As you can see, it is clearly a refurbished silver 6th generation iPod nano.  Now on some forums, I've seen people say they would rather have kept their old iPod nano because well the new touch screen ones also got battery problems. The touch screen uses too much power, so the battery doesn't last as long... But considering how your 1st generation is like 5 years old, this battery probably will do better. XD

Anyways, I have some complaints... The new nano came with no instructions at all. What am I suppose to do? Charge it first? Connect it to a computer? Turn on the power? What? I have no clue. They gave no instructions at all... All the text they gave us is below (in the screenshot).

Well I guess Apple will be keeping the nanos we sent in for parts... I thought so, they wouldn't have such a big stock of 1st generations on hand. :P Oh well, I would have preferred maybe a red one or a blue one, but silver is nice too. There is also a built FM radio, but they don't give you headphones for it. If you have an iPod touch or iPhone, the headphones for that will work with your new nano.

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