Saturday, December 31, 2011

Install Google Wallet On Your Galaxy Nexus

So as a lot of you know, Google Wallet has not been officially released to the Galaxy Nexus devices. A lot of you probably want to install it because Google is giving you a free $10 debit card when you sign up right now. Lucky for you guys, some hackers managed to compile the application into and APK which you can easily install on your phone. I just installed it on mine and it seems to work fine, I had no issues yet! I haven't tried to make a payment yet, but shouldn't be a problem. If it does, well, I'll look like a complete idiot in public. XD

So first of all, make sure your Galaxy Nexus phone (GSM/CDMA) is on ICS 4.0.2 and make sure you are in the US. Just go to Settings >> About Phone to check the firmware version. Also make sure you haven't installed any previous version of the Google Wallet app. If you did, go see the tutorial on the XDA forums, I can't help you. If you are not on ICS 4.0.2, update it. If you need help, check out my tutorial here.

Now go ahead and get the APK from the XDA forums here. You will need to enable non-market apps in your settings (Settings >> Security >> Unknown sources). Copy the APK into your phone, and use Installer or something else to install the APK onto your phone. Install it like you would with any other APK.

Finish the registration process and it should work fine, you should get a free $10 debit card from Google. I didn't get to test out paying with the app yet, so... Tell me how it goes! I will try it out the next chance I get.

If you are wondering how to update to the official release of Google Wallet when it comes out after you install this, please read my theory in this article here.

Update 12-01-2012: Google pays for my dinner. More info here.

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