Thursday, December 29, 2011

Siri Legally Ported to Older iOS Devices

The well known and respected developer chpwn has legally ported and released Siri to older iOS devices like the iPod touch 4th gen, 3rd gen, the iPhone 4/3G, and the 1st generation iPad. This hack is available to anyone with a jailbroken iOS 5 device. You don't need to add any new repositories because the hack, Spire, is available for download from the BigBoss repository.

When getting the app, make sure you are connected to Wifi as it will legally retrieve about 100mb of data from Apple's servers. Also, after installation, you will have to configure a Siri proxy server to "host" for your device as using Siri requires you to have correct iPhone 4S authorization tokens.

Most of you probably where you can find a Siri proxy server. No problem as many people have already started publicly sharing Siri proxy servers online (like this one here). Not sure how long this will last as a lot of these proxy servers are getting terminated in under an hour because obviously Apple can detect the heavy traffic from one device. It is a good idea to just go for a free proxy, not the paid ones that ask for a donation as a lot of these turn out to be scams! Like I said, most of them gets terminated in less than an hour. Don't waste your money. The paying method is a good idea if it's expensive, because if the internet traffic is evenly distributed on a lot of devices, Apple will not be able to do much.

Anyways, installing this app will require a reboot, so make sure you have a computer handy if you are on a tethered jailbreak. Also, this app is incompatible with the Semi-tether hack. I myself have not played with this yet, as I do not really use my iPod these days. I've been playing with my new GSM Galaxy Nexus. :)

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