Saturday, April 30, 2011

White iPhone 4 Goes On Sale Worldwide

(Credit: Apple Picture from CNET News)
The white iPhone 4 went on sale Thursday 4/28/2011 worldwide. Apple said the delay was due to the difficulties of manufacturing the alternate color. Apple did not go into more detail. Rumors say it was because the supplier in China had trouble mixing the die, while others said the white color interfered with the operation of the LED flash on the camera. What ever the difficulty was, Apple fans are very excited because it is finally released.

The white iPhone 4 is priced at the same price as the black iPhone 4 and has the same feature as the black iPhone 4. The only difference is that the white iPhone 4 is white and the black iPhone 4 is black.

The white iPhone 4 also features a front facing VGA camera for Facetime and a high resolution Retina display. The main camera on the back is 5 MP and is capable of taking high resolution photos and record 720p HD video. The antenna issue on the white iPhone 4 is probably not fixed on the white version as it is almost the same product as the black iPhone 4.

The white iPhone will be available to both AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers in the U.S. The device will be sold in those carriers' stores, as well as in the Apple Store and other retail outlets.

Hulu Plus Free for a Week for Xbox Live Users

(Credit:Microsoft. Photo from CNET News.)
Hulu Plus will hit the Xbox 360 console on April 29, 2011. Hulu Plus will be available to Xbox Live users absolutely free for a week thanks to the sponsor Jack Link's. After the week, you will need to pay $7.99 a month and be a Gold member to continue your subscription to Hulu Plus and be able to use it on your Xbox.

The one week promotion is available to all Xbox Live subscribers both Gold and Silver, but once it ends only Gold members will be allowed to subscribe on a monthly basis.

Hulu Plus on Xbox will also feature Kinect compatibility. You can speak and wave your way through content from ABC, Comedy Central, Fox, NBC, and many more networks. If you have an Xbox Live, don't miss out!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Deal on Amazon Kindle!

This offer ends on 23:59 PM 5/8/2011.

This offer is only valid for the 2 Kindles listed at the top of this post. During the promotion, you will get a free $25 Amazon Gift Card when you purchase one of the Kindles (restrictions may apply). So act fast and order now! Choose one from the top of this post. :)

The Amazon Kindle is the e-reader from Amazon. With the Kindle, you can have a whole library of books with you where ever you travel! Amazon offers free 3G internet connection (3G models only) which can be used to browse the internet with their new BETA browser feature, download new books in 60 seconds or less, and other great features. Amazon library of books includes 810,000 books, including 107 of 111 New York Times Best Sellers, and 1.8 million free out-of-copyright books!

How to Make a Homopolar Motor

I made a video on how to make a homopolar motor. Neodymium magnets are very strong. The magnet I was using can hold approximately 120 pounds, that's how strong it is! Please be very careful. 2 neodymium magnets can crush bones! Neodymium magnets can wipe credit cards, interfere with electronics, and even break electronics! Keep all electronic equipment and credit cards at least 3-5 feet away from the magnet! If you use a pacemaker, this project isn't for you.

The motor spins because of the Lorentz force. :) Physics is cool. :P

You can find the original video here. If you liked this video, you can see more videos I made here. I am "amazinggadgets". Make sure you subscribe!

Some of the materials you'll need to make one.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video Tutorial :D

Hey guys! Did a video tutorial on how you can view and control your iOS device's screen from your computer. Hope you enjoy it!

You can find the original video here. If you liked this video, you can see more videos I made here. I am "amazinggadgets". Make sure you subscribe!

Unboxing the Audio Technica ATR6550 Shotgun Microphone

Hi guys, I recently bought an Audio Technica ATR6550 Shotgun Microphone to make better videos with better audio quality. :) I also bought a Joby GP1 Flexible Tripod (so I can mount the microphone to my tripod) and a Mono-to-Stereo adapter (the microphone is mono and my camcorder is stereo). The video you see above is the unboxing video for my new microphone! Make sure to check back in a few weeks when I do a video review for it!

Here is what my microphone looks like mounted to the tripod. :)
Products mentioned in this post.

You can find the original video here. If you liked this video, you can see more videos I made here. I am "amazinggadgets". Make sure you subscribe!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Sponser :) Free Cash For Life

Anyways guys, just here to tell you I've got a new sponsor on my blog and website. It's name is Free Cash For Life and the blog is available here. This won't effect how you see this website. :) Just more money to keep me motivated to bringing you more cool stuff on here. Anyways... Here is what the blog is about!

Do you like free stuff? Do you need more websites to help you get free stuff? Need some instructions or tips on the websites for you? Free Cash For Life is the place for you! You can get a lot of free stuff from them including Amazon Gift Cards! Please go check it out. Again the blog is here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cute Robot USB Hub

Photo from Amazon.

So today this morning, I was checking out the Swagbucks Blog, I found this cute robot USB hub on Froobi. :) I did some searching on Amazon and found it on sale there. I'm not sure how good this thing will work but, it seems to be a powered USB hub, and it is cute looking. So I hope you check it out. LOL Would make a really good Christmas or birthday present.

This product isn't sold by Amazon itself, so I listed several sellers below just incase one of them decides to not sell this anymore.

Veency - VNC Your iOS Device

Have you heard of Veency? Veency is a Cydia app that allows you to connect to your iOS device from a computer via a VNC viewer. In other words, view and control your iOS device from your computer. When you connect, it should look something like this.

It's pretty cool. You can find Veency in the Cydia Store. If you need help using it, I have created a tutorial here. This is one of the must have apps from Cydia. :) Go check it out! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

View and Control Your iDevice Screen From Your Computer

I just made a new tutorial today showing how to control your iDevice from your computer. In more geeky terms, "How to VNC your iDevice". If done correctly, you'll get the following result:

My new tutorial can be found here. Hope you enjoy! Please share with your friends!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

iOS 4.3.2 fixes Facetime and 3G bug

Apple releases iOS 4.3.2 to fix the Facetime and 3G bug. The Facetime bug caused some users to get a blank or frozen video when using Facetime. This bug is fixed in iOS 4.3.2.

A 3G bug in iPad Wifi+3G models prevented iPad some users from connecting to the 3G network internationally. The bugs will be fixed in the update. To update, simply connect your device to a computer and click check for updates.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Android VS iOS

Android VS iOS

Hey guys! Just for fun, today, I'm going to be doing an article between the differences between the Android OS and the iOS (on iPhones, iPads and other Apple products).

I will start off with the Android OS. The Android OS is probably a bit harder to use than iOS, but has a lot more features including Wifi tethering, Flash support and other things. Multi-tasking was always available on the Android OS. The Android OS is probably for people that are more knowledgeable in computers and technology because the OS itself uses a lot of terminology others might not understand. :) Flash support is great for people that likes Flash and also great for web browsing. A lot of websites use Flash now in their ads, in their videos, all sorts of things.

Now let's discuss some things about the iOS. The iOS is easy to use, I do prefer the iOS user interface over the Android user interface. Apple did a good job making the iOS user interface. Unlike the Android OS, iOS didn't have multi-tasking until recently. Although you could have gotten the feature after you jailbreak your device, it wasn't that convenient. Another flaw of iOS is that it doesn't support Flash. The only way to get is by installing some 3rd party browser and have your device connect through a VPN server. It because a problem when you need to view something that is Flash.

I guess the biggest difference everyone should know is that the Android OS is open source and iOS isn't. Application developers love open source systems because they can have a lot more to work with than a closed source system. Another big difference is probably Apple has more apps in their AppStore than Android does. This is better for the users because there are more things to choose from!

There you have it! A quick comparison between the Android OS and the iOS! So which OS do you like? Tell me in the comments below!

Powerful Aftershock Hits Japan

Photo credit goes to ABC News.

On April 7th, the eastern cost of Japan was hit by a powerful 7.4 magnitude aftershock. The quake happened around 25 miles below in the ocean floor. There has been two confirmed death and hundreds injured due to this aftershock. If another strong aftershock is to happen, the nuclear power plants that has already been damaged by the previous earthquake last month, may no longer hold and the radioactive materials my come out. As of right now, that has not happened yet. A tsunami warning was also issue, but later cancelled because no tsunamis happened. Please people, Japan is in serious need of donations. :) Please help them out!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Steve Jobs confirmed dead

Steve Jobs has been confirmed dead at the Stanford Hospital this afternoon at three after his pancreas stopped working. Thirty minutes before he died, Jobs had told a 911 operator that he is feeling extreme pain in his pancreas and is most likely caused the the pancreatic cancer he has been diagnosed with a while back.

Pancreatic cancer is a disease where the cells in the pancreas starts to divide faster than normal and the cells die out at a much slower rate than normal. Pancreatic cancer can lead to extreme pain in the pancreas area, pancreas failures, and can also lead to death.

EMT arrived on the scene and brought Steve Jobs to Standford Hospital in Palo Alto, California. A specialized doctor from the Sanford Cancer Center was called to the scene but was too late as Jobs's heart has already stopped 2 minutes before. An autopsy later showed that the pancreatic cells in the pancreas divided at an extremely insane speed which caused most of the pain and the pancreas failure right before Jobs died.

"Steve Jobs has been a wonderful man. With out him, Apple would have failed. He has been a great man and will be remembered as such." has been quoted from, Daniel Cooperman, an Apple senior vice president.

Right before Jobs died, it was quoted that he said, "Please donate half of what I owe to Bill Gates. He has been a very good friend of mine all my life." Later, psychologists said a person facing death will say anything as the brain obviously will not be functioning correctly at that moment, but was denied after Steve Jobs's personal attorney showed up and said what Jobs said has to count, and after knowing him for all those years, there is nothing wrong with the man's brain as everything he said and done was very logical. "If I had that much wealth and I was him, I would also give Bill Gates half of what I owe at my time of death." said Steve Job's attorney.

Steve Jobs will be missed. RIP Steve Jobs. :( Also, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE! XD If you got this far. I'm surprised. Steve Jobs is not dead. He is fine. :) His cancer is controlled. Yes, this has been a fake. Hope you have enjoyed it. I know I didn't do that good of a job writing it. If you liked this post or want to prank your friends, make sure you share it with your friends by using the sharing buttons below this post.

Youtube 1911

HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! As an April fools prank, YouTube launches YouTube 1911 saying this was what YouTube was like when it was released 100 years ago. Pretty awesome I guess.

When you go upload your video today, you will see an option saying "Send horse-drawn carriage to me to pick it up" (screenshot above). Obviously they won't be doing that. It was all part of the April fools prank. When you click the link, a  box appears saying "Howdy, moving-picture maker! This is how videos got uploaded to YouTube when we launched 100 years ago. Watch this video to see what life was like here back then. Happy April Fool's Day!".

When you go watch videos, you'll see a 1911 button on the video which, when clicked, will make the video look like it was made back then with the sound muted, noise on the screen, and in sepia. Go check it out yourself. Also the video you see above can be viewed below.

So guys, tell me in the comments below. What April Fools prank are you planning on pulling on your friends and coworkers? :P
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