Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Amazon Sales Tax For California Customers

Amazon.com, the website that has been famous for their wide selection of products, low prices, and especially their no sales tax rule in most of the states of the US, will now have to begin charging sales tax for all California residents that shop there due to a new slight law change that goes into effect next month. Many people have known this day will come, but don't know when. In fact, this law change was passed last year, but Amazon managed to strike a deal with California law makers to cut them some slack for another year. The deal will end beginning next month. It has also been a very big pain in the butt for the people running California as many people just bought the things they needed on Amazon instead of going to the local stores to buy them. In this economy, more and more people are not willing to pay the 8%+ tax that California law makers has thrown on their residents, and are buying their things on Amazon where the prices are always the lowest, plus gets you another 8%+ savings from tax! California has been very low on money now, and the law makers are trying to find new ways to tax their residents to make more money, and sadly, Amazon was their target and they succeeded in the new law changes.

So what should you do? I doubt petitioning these changes to the this poor law makers that are extremely in need of cash is of any use, so I recommend you get your big purchases out of the way this month! There are only 3 more days left before this new law goes into play. So yes, if there is something big you want to get on Amazon, do it in the next 3 days, or you will have to start paying the 8%+ sales tax.

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Features On Android Jellybean (Video)

A quick video showing you some of the new features on Android Jellybean, the new Android OS that was recently released. The phone you see in the video is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Canon EOS 7D 2.0.X Firmware Upgrade

If you are keeping up with the latest Canon news, you will know that Canon has recently released the new 2.0.X firmware for the Canon EOS 7D. The new upgrade gives lucky Canon EOS 7D owners:
  • Higher maximum burst rate
  • The option to set a maximum for ISO Auto all the way up to ISO 6400 (starting limit is from ISO 400)
  • Partial compatibility with the new Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2
  • Manual audio level adjustment during video shooting and during review
  • In-camera RAW image processing and converting
  • In-camera image resize
  • In-camera image rating
  • Faster scrolling of magnified images
  • Custom photo file names
  • Time-zone and Daylight savings options
If you own a Canon EOS 7D, you can go ahead and find the new firmware update here. The instructions for installing the firmware is included in the ZIP file. Make sure you have a full battery or use the AC adapter for the camera. Also remember not to touch anything on your camera especially the power switch, battery compartment, and the CF card door during the update!

Android Facial Recognition Now Checks for Liveness

After being told that that Face Unlock in Android Ice Cream Sandwich can be easily fooled by a picture of the owner, the Android team has now added a new feature in Android Jellybean that once activated, will require the person to blink after the face is recognized. Obviously a photo of a person can not blink, which in turn fixes the photo hack. Like previous version, your phone will still warn you about the security flaws in facial recognition and how a Pin and Pattern lock is more secure. This still holds true as anyone that looks similar to you or has a video of you blinking will be able to unlock the phone with no issue at all. Hopefully the developers in the Android team will come out with more crafty ways to prevent unauthorized users from using your phone.

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