Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stop Facebook From Using Your Name and Photo in Ads

You have probably received an email a few days back about Facebook being sued. This is a legit email and Facebook is getting sued. The reason being is that they misused your name, like the one below, in ads without your permission.

On Facebook, you probably have seen ads saying, you and so and so Like this... These are ads by Facebook. Many people do have privacy concerns over this. Your profile photo and your name is being displayed in ads! So due to this lawsuit, Facebook has made new options in your settings that allows you to "Opt Out" of these ads, and here today, I will show you how. I have blurred out the parts of the screenshots that contain private information I don't wish to give out on the internet.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational and informative purposes only. The author/blogger is not responsible for any info that may be incorrect or misleading. You follow this tutorial at your own risk.

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Let's continue with the tutorial.

First navigate to the top right hand corner where there is a small "gear". This is where you can access all your account settings. You can click on either Account Settings or Privacy Settings. 

After that, navigate to the Ads section of the settings. 

After you get there, you will see 2 selections, one for Third Party Sites and one for Ads & Friends. The Third Party Sites is a "future project" where ads like the current ones will be displayed on 3rd party websites. The current Facebook ads you see is the Ads & Friends. First click Edit on the setting you want to edit, and then select the option "No one" and save. If you want to "Opt Out" of both, do so for both settings.

After you have done those, you are done! Facebook is now legally not allowed to use your name in ads.


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