Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lexar 64 GB 133x Speed SDXC Memory Card Review

The front and back view of the Lexar 64 GB 133x Speed SDXC Flash Memory Card
Today, I will be reviewing the Lexar 64 GB 133x Speed SDXC Flash Memory Card. This is the memory card I purchased around 2 years ago during a Black Friday Deal on Amazon. The memory card is still working strong 2 years later, but the price of it has dropped a little bit below what I got it for during the Black Friday Deal.

For memory card reviews, most people want to know the speed of the card, so I will begin with that. The advertised speed of the card is at least 20 MB/s (didn't say read or write). Here are the results I got from the card. Please take note that these speeds may be limited by my computer hardware (such as the hard drive). Overall, I got an average speed of 14.5 MB/s on writing to the card and a 20 MB/s when reading from the card. So I guess the advertised 20 MB/s speed is for reading from the card, not writing.

After 2 years, the casing around the memory card is starting to chip, but I can still use it, and it doesn't seem to affect the performance at all. I never had files corrupted on this card through the 2 years. I use this card as a secondary memory card back then with my Canon EOS 7D with a SD to CF adapter, and now as a secondary memory card for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. I am very happy with this card, however this card is considered a bit slow now as there are newer faster SD cards out there even for the Lexar Professional line of SD cards. Do remember I bought this 2 years ago, and the technology for electronics like this is progressing very fast.

If you are looking for a cheap memory card, this is definitely a great option, but if your budget is a little higher, I recommend you going for slightly faster cards available now. Also, if you enjoy photography and reviews like this, please visit my photography blog here. If you want to learn how I shot the above product photo, view my tutorial on my photography blog here.

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